春節不僅僅是一個節日, 同時也是中國人情感得以釋放、心理訴求得以滿足的重要載體,是中華民族一年一度的狂歡節和永遠的精神支柱。春節馬上就要到了,下面是小編為大家整理的2021年春節英語日記,一起來看看吧,希望對你們有幫助。


More than 10 days before the Spring Festival, grandma just get busy preparing something for the Chinese New Year, and kill the chicken, and duck slaughter, and cooked the meat, and cooking, busy trying. Grandma said: "now is' no New Year's day, better than New Year's day '!" Dad said: "now is Chinese New Year still busy!" But as for me, although is welcome, not participate in discussions, but has been realized in the harmonious society people overjoyed when!

By year, every household lights, very busy. We eat a good meal in a hurry, picked up a firecracker quickly ran to the designated place, for fear of being robbed the first. We can be more firecrackers, there are "flowers" "double bang firecracker" "cuckoo cybele" BaiZiBao "..." Let's put the "flowers", firecrackers like a fire ball shot on the blue sky. All of a sudden, it's not rise, but suddenly burst, formed a colorful flower, have a plenty of gold to red, have a plenty of yellow and green, or blue and red. Then we put the "double bang firecracker", it is also good, listen to "bang" a loud noise, a Mars for a moment, it's a "bang" sound, golden fireball exploded in the sky, but not immediately. "BaiZiBao" two thousand multiple, how much more enjoyable enough. "Cuckoo crow spring" is my favorite, after burning up a clump of flame, the above quote pieces of colorful flowers, each flower so bright, so bright!

Look at the beautiful fireworks in the sky, listening to all round the loud firecrackers, I want to, and came to the New Year, our motherland will present a new atmosphere.





When you ask the people around you, what is the most important festival in China, I think ninety-nine percent will say the same answer, that is the Spring Festival. About the origin of the Spring Festival, there is a old story. One is called "year" beast, will attack people from time to time. To ward off beasts years, people have to the last day of the old set off firecrackers and pasted red paper on the front door and window. Fortunately, the year for fear of the sound of firecrackers, and red stickers, dare not to come again. In order to commemorate the day, our ancestors put on the first day of the lunar New Year as the "Spring Festival".

During the Spring Festival, all the family members gather together for dinner on New Year's eve night. Apple, fish, noodles, dumplings, pork, chicken, candy is an essential part of the table. "Fish" represents "more than" year after year; "Apple" herald "do things go in peace, the smooth". "Noodles" said "healthy life", as for the other, said will you have a good luck in the New Year.

The most happy children is the Spring Festival. Not only because they are more than a lot of friend, they can also get a red envelope. A red envelope, they can do anything you want to do: set off firecrackers, buy new clothes, buy everything you want. The best place for children, this is the Spring Festival, isn't it?

Not only means the beginning of the New Year the Spring Festival, is also carrying people wish for New Year. We hope the New Year wish will come true, life for the better. Anyway, the Spring Festival is the most meaningful family reunion, we spent together with family, this is the whole of the Spring Festival.






Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Before the Spring Festival People clean their houses,put red couplets on their gates,and set off firecrackers to drive away the legendary monster “Nian”.

On the eve of the Spring Festival,families get together and have a big dinner. Dumplings are the most traditional food.

The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Happy new year”.People enjoy the Spring Festival, during this time they can have a good rest.

Children like the festival very much, because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their elders. This money is given to children for good luck.






My mother used to say she was a child most looking forward to the New Year. Because New Year new clothes, have a snack, you can also visit relatives, eat good food to eat less than usual. But I think in addition to the New Year fireworks, and usually no different.

To put it bluntly, new clothes, and I usually wear what the New Year but also what to wear, because we usually is wearing new clothes; say snacking, I never eat my mother said something like rice cake pieces, but my favorite chocolate, jelly I usually also eat these snacks, and the New Year is no different; The mother said more surprising because we had tired of eating poultry meat, and not as pickles, radishes and more refreshing; and the New Year to see the New Year party, I also do not think particularly, because usually television programs are also quite wonderful; it was said, the Spring Festival can go to travel, this a good one, but now long National Day, New Year and other festivals break time, parents can also take me out to play.

Hey, you said that the New Year there any special? But this really is a good thing or a bad thing?





After getting up in the morning, I'm in a hurry after breakfast, mother with a very important thing and a couplet. Home have two antithetical couplets, posted on the door, is another post on the street gate. We start, my mother and I take a chair and tape, tape put good position fixed couplet, good after the stick couplets. We're going to clean the house. Mother is responsible for the roof and wall clean, and I am responsible for clean the table and sweep the floor. Why doesn't dad? Because dad busy hang lanterns. I carefully wipe the table clean, mom is exaggerated, she left our home cleaning the spotless. I make cloth zhang xi xi, ran to the pipe. The water in the pipe can be really cool ah, my hands frozen shuddered, but I did not flinch, continue to my work. Until around noon at eleven o 'clock, we put up at home. In the evening, we'll stay up late, don't sleep a night. Until New Year's morning, scratching gunfire rang, the whole village are immersed in the joy of holiday. I go out a see, and it is full of "red" red ground. Also reminds me of a poem "for a New Year's eve firecrackers, spring gifts into the toso. Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character."





Hope ah! Hope ah! Spring has finally arrived, people were busy buying New Year hurry, individuals have the spirit of plump, complacent, non-stop stream of people on the street, people are busy buying large paintings, shopping, buy scrolls, as well as children to buy guns, buy toys, all kinds of goods ready, the United States bear close, people are afraid to buy anything difficult filtering.

Before the Spring Festival, every household lights, clean up the house, some even hanging lanterns, some hanging red lanterns, every household word blessing to some of the stickers affixed to some positive, people are buying good food, Chinese New Year to you to eat and drink, people wear new clothes, prepare new Year, met friends and family, always tell the blessing,

Children wake up early, give Mom and Dad said words of blessing but also New Year, Mom and Dad would give children lucky money, the children will be thrilled.





Before the New Year, just and adults join in the fun. This year I know a lot of New Year and the Spring Festival customs related.

New Year's Eve morning, every household should couplets, intended to show the spring. Grandfather must choose a desirable good couplets year. The Union election this year are: financial beaming Want, the second line is: a lot of luck blessing again and again. Streamer is: the year to come. This is enough to herald the new year, happy life.

New Year's Eve midnight eat dumplings, but also essential for every home. Old people say to eat dumplings good. Dumplings contain a very rich cultural significance. Jiaozi dumplings homonym, is the intersection of midnight, good luck fortune. Because dumpling shape like a gold ingot, it is also a symbol of reunion and wealth.

Five year known as "breaking five", meaning people want to get out and outdoor activities. This morning I and grandparents along the riverbank, Xinhua has come from Gen. marina dock. Here is the skating rink, young and old crowded, people dressed in colorful festive clothes, like to decorate the ice blooming flowers. Some people in skating, playing some ice car. There's an ice track put ice down from above the car, we play really fun! Adults, children and the elderly, a song and laughter ......

This is not exactly a true portrayal of the millennium it?