Today, after eating, I went to see the lanterns with my parents and friends in the community.

We came to the street in front of the city hall, and there were many people watching the lights. Some are tiger lights, some are spring-shaped lights, some are carp jumping on the dragon gate, and some are on the performance stage, especially the lanterns composed of two colored lights, which form various patterns. Ah! It's beautiful.

We came to the peacock lamp again. The beautiful peacock is opening its screen. It shows its beautiful tail to people. Its tail has many colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue and so on.

There are more and more people watching the lanterns. There are many people coming from south to north, and the vendors selling snacks are shouting vigorously. The smell of kebabs came in the distance. We found the stalls of kebabs, bought several of them, and gulped them down. After walking for a while, I saw delicious candied haws again, and I asked my mother to buy me a bunch of candied haws. I am very happy to eat, walk and watch.

Firecrackers are constantly coming in the distance, and a few slowly rising Kongming lanterns can be seen. Colorful fireworks rise from time to time, reflecting the night sky, which is really beautiful.


我們來到市府前的大街上,看燈的人已經來了很多,等也有很多。有的是老虎的燈,有的是春字形的燈,還有的是鯉魚跳龍門的燈,還有一些燈是在演出臺上的,特別是兩只彩燈組成的燈籠, 組成了各種這種的圖案。啊!真是太美了。


看花燈的人越來越多了,南來北往的,人山人海,賣小吃的攤販也起勁的吆喝著。遠處傳來烤羊肉串的香味,順著香味飄來的方向,我們找到了烤羊肉串的攤位,買了好幾只,大口大口地吃了 起來。又走了一會兒,我又看到了好吃的糖葫蘆,我又讓媽媽給我買了一串。一邊吃、一邊走、一邊看,心里很高興。



The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the annual Lantern Festival. Is a round and round day, in this round and round day. I eat glutinous rice balls with my family, chase rats together, make purple aunts together, and solve riddles on the lanterns together.

Everyone got together to eat dumplings, and there was a big smile on their faces. I am very happy to keep eating dumplings in my mouth!

After eating and drinking enough, our whole family drove and watched the beautiful fireworks in the night sky. Not only are we cheerful, but even strangers beside the road smile happily.

After eating and watching, we started solve riddles on the lanterns. My first test was my sister. I said, "I have two horns on my head and a stirrup on my back. I am afraid of basking in the sun, not afraid of heavy rain. " My sister said, "Do you want to name an animal?" I nodded and said yes. She blurted out: "Snail." I suddenly froze. I didn't expect him to be so smart. And so on, I finished every one of my family. Only one or two people can't answer. If I had known this, I would have given them the hardest part.

I have done everything I need to do, but I just feel that there is nothing left to do. I remember, it was flying Kongming Lantern, and our whole family bought a Kongming Lantern. We lit the fire, made a wish in our hearts, and then let Kongming Lantern fly across the vast sky with our wish. My wish is: I hope the Chinese people will have a happy Lantern Festival!

This is really a happy and unforgettable Lantern Festival!








Today is the Lantern Festival, a traditional festival in China. On this day, people want to eat Lantern Festival and set off fireworks.

In the past, my parents used to pack Lantern Festival. Today, in order to enhance my practical ability, they also let me learn how to pack Lantern Festival. I am very happy. Don't mention how happy I am, I started to pack it like my mother. I rub the noodles into balls first, then concave the balls into a concave shape, then put sugar and black sesame seeds in them, knead them into a line, then squeeze them hard in my hand, try not to let the stuffing show, and knead them into a circle in my palm, so that a Lantern Festival is finished. After wrapping the Lantern Festival, you can finally cook it. After a while, the Lantern Festival is cooked, only to see snow-white dumplings floating in the water, as if they were table tennis balls. I quickly put two in the bowl, blew and blew hard, and couldn't wait to take a bite, ah! It's delicious, so delicious, so sweet, so delicious, I can't help but want to take a second bite.

As night fell, colorful fireworks burst into the sky, and various fireworks rushed into the night sky one after another. Beautiful flowers bloomed in the deep blue night sky, blooming like chrysanthemums and disappearing like meteors. All kinds of fireworks followed, like a group of naughty children pouncing on the arms of my mother in the sky, showing the most brilliant smiling faces, dressing up the sky as a beautiful sky garden, which was colorful and dazzling and attracted me deeply

After watching the fireworks, our family sat round and round and watched the Lantern Festival party with relish. Everyone's face showed a happy smile.

This is really a Lantern Festival that makes me happy.







On the fifteenth day of the first month, the most lively festival in China-Lantern Festival, our family had a good time on that day.

The custom of Lantern Festival is to eat dumplings and make every family round. Tonight, my mother "decentralized" and entrusted me with the important task of cooking dumplings.

I regard it as a very important task, for fear of boiling it, so my heart seems to be pounding with a little rabbit. I used my mother's experience in cooking dumplings: first, mix glutinous rice flour with boiling water to make skin, pay attention to not too much water, too much water will be too thin; It can't be too little, too little is not sticky. Then take a piece of skin and rub it into a circle in the palm of your hand, then press a nest on it with your fingers, mash sesame seeds to make stuffing, and put them in it to "wrap". Don't be too greedy when filling, or you will burst the skin's belly. After wrapping it, you can finally cook it. I follow my mother's four tips for cooking dumplings: "boil water, boil slowly, order cold water, and change water frequently." Put the Lantern Festival that you worked so hard to make into the water.

It didn't take long for me to start the pot. When I lifted the lid, I saw snow-white dumplings floating in the water, clinging to each other, like big pearls, which made me drool. I scooped them into a bowl and smelled the delicious taste. I couldn't help but bite them. It was delicious, fragrant and waxy. No sooner had I brought the dumplings to the table than everyone devoured them. Everyone happily finished eating the dumplings I cooked, and the "gourmet" mother gave me a score of 93, praising me for growing up and being sensible. I was so excited that I got such a high evaluation when I cooked dumplings for the first time, which made me happy.

Tasting the dumplings made by myself, I feel very delicious and very happy in my heart. I look forward to making dumplings for everyone to taste at the Lantern Festival next year.







Today is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. I won my mother's permission to go to Xinlei Park to see the lanterns.

As soon as we walked out of the corridor door, we heard the deafening sound of fireworks and firecrackers, which frightened me. We looked around for a long time to see that there was no danger, and then we walked out.

We watched the fireworks as we walked. The fireworks with different colors, colorful shapes attracted our door, which made us dizzying and full of praise. After another wave, it seems that it can't be released. Just like countless naughty children, they are jumping up and down in the sky and screaming like "Happy Lantern Festival"! Happy Lantern Festival! " Kongming lanterns in the sky fly like meteors catching the moon. They seem to be afraid of the explosion of fireworks, and they fly away one by one shyly and quickly.

Before we knew it, we came to the south gate of Xinlei Park, where traffic was busy. Dad said it was too crowded, there were too many people and there was a traffic jam. Go to the west gate and have a look. We listened to Dad's suggestion. We went to the West Gate before, but the whole road was crowded with dark people. We took another path to enter Xinlei Park.

Unexpectedly, there were too many people in Xinlei Park, and every place was crowded. We finally squeezed past and came to the lantern and saw the red peony flowers and other dragon lanterns near the main entrance. They were vivid and vivid, and the two dragons seemed to fly into the sky, which was amazing. No wonder they attracted so many men, women and children in the oilfield. Going forward with the lanterns on the water makes me full of "eyes". The "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and Showing Their Avatar" is very conspicuous in the ocean of lights and attracts many people.

No traffic is allowed on Zhongyuan Road. We walked on the wide road and enjoyed the lively Lantern Festival scene among the bustling crowds. Even the round moon squinted.








The most unforgettable traditional festival in China is Lantern Festival.

In our hometown, Lantern Festival is much more lively than Spring Festival! A few days before the Lantern Festival, the adults were busy, and every household hung red "big apples"-red lanterns. As night falls, the lanterns are lit up, showing a glow, and the lights are connected in a line, just like a soaring dragon, which is spectacular! Of course, the most lively Lantern Festival is the Lantern Festival. When night falls, people who organize the Lantern Festival wear ancient clothes, including gongs and drums, and holding colorful flags symbolizing the harvest of grain. Behind them are people who spontaneously come to the Lantern Festival, most of whom carry a lantern in their hands. I can't wait to pull my father to the store to buy a "green leaf lamp" and join the Lantern Festival team.

Slowly, there were more colorful lights, and the Lantern Festival team grew longer and longer. With the order of the Lantern Festival organizers, the team set off in a mighty way and became a "lantern dragon" swimming on the ground. Every time the "Lantern Dragon" goes to the door of a house, the host will come out to set off fireworks and firecrackers to welcome it. The fireworks are blooming over our heads, and they are colorful, which is really more beautiful than flowers. The host will also give us snacks such as candy to those who are busy with the Lantern Festival. Children who are greedy like me are overjoyed.

Flowers in the air are varied, and dragons meander on the ground. The Lantern Festival team didn't disperse until nearly eleven o'clock, and I reluctantly returned home with a full load. In my sleep, I dreamed of having a Lantern Festival while eating candy! How I look forward to the Lantern Festival coming soon next year.